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The ArkivJazz Podcast: Connie Han, Renee Rosnes & Jacky Terrasson

What does it take to record an album – not just a handful of tracks thrown together, but a coherent statement? Connie Han, Renee Rosnes, and Jacky Terrasson, each a luminary of jazz piano today, have had occasion to find out recently. From musicians, arrangements, and studios to matters of image and persona, almost any aspect of an artist's approach can shift to accommodate an album concept.

In these episodes, the ArkivJazz Podcast team gets the details on Han's Iron Starlet and Terrasson's 53, as well as Rosnes's leader role on the self-titled debut record of the supergroup ARTEMIS, which at the time included Anat Cohen, Melissa Aldana, Ingrid Jensen, Noriko UedaAllison Miller, and Cécile McLorin Salvant.

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Episode 16: Connie Han on Iron Starlet: redefining her sound & image

Episode 11: Jacky Terrasson on 53 and returning to the studio


Episode 18: Renee Rosnes on leading a supergroup in the studio