Trotignon: Piano Concerto "Different Spaces" / Nicholas Angelich

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"Beyond my improvisation works between jazz and Afro-American music, I always loved to confront myself to European masters, composers and creators of universes that fed me, inspired me and made me dream, whatever forms music took under my fingers on the piano; a way to feel close to them, to walk with them and learn to speak the same language.
The genesis of my Concerto pour Piano is a story full of encounters. My identity is based on my European culture with my love for the Afro-or South-American culture and more generally all this rhythmic culture coming from these 20th century kinds of music, most of the time not present in the popular European music (except in some regions: Central Europe and Spain with flamenco). The warmth of these pulsations is indispensable to me." - Baptiste Trotignon

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: V5382

  • UPC: 822186053829

  • Label: Naive

  • Composer: Baptiste Trotignon

  • Conductor: Paul Daniel

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Bordeaux Aquitaine Orchestra

  • Performer: Baptiste Trotignon, Nicholas Angelich