America Again / Downes

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Langston Hughes wrote his poem “Let America Be America Again” in 1938. The country was crushed by the decade of depression that had squashed so many American dreams, and was threatened by the gathering clouds of the impending war in Europe. Birth right and skin color posed restrictions to the justice and liberty which rest at the heart of American promise, and America was a country divided. Today, we still live in troubled times, where circumstances and skin color still keep the American promise out of reach for so many. The music featured on this release is a tribute to the generations of American men and women, both black and white, both immigrants and pioneers, who dreamed and accomplished the impossible. American music is made of everything that we are, coming from so many different people and places and expressing so many dreams. Lara Downes is a best-selling pianist, who with this release makes her Sono Luminus debut. She performs constantly across the United States, and has also been featured on European stages. This important collection of American repertoire includes three world premieres, and is a unique program which will resound with listeners in today’s world.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: DSL-92207

  • UPC: 053479220721

  • Label: Sono Luminus

  • Composer: ["Aaron Copland, Amy Marcy Beach, Angelica Negron, Dan Visconti, David Sanford, Edward "Duke" Ellington, Ernest Bloch, Florence Beatrice Price, George Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Howard Hanson, Irving Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, Lou Harrison, Morton Gould, Roy Harris, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Scott Joplin, Traditional"]

  • Performer: Lara Downes