Il Maestro e lo Scolare: Piano Duets for Teacher and Pupil / Gray

Il Maestro e lo Scolare: Piano Duets for Teacher and Pupil / Gray

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For the first time, here is an album full of piano duets written expressly for teacher and student, from the first in the genre, Haydn’s Il Maestro e lo Scolare, through many well-known composers of the 19th and 20th centuries up to the current decade. Very few of these works have attained any sort of public awareness apart from Stravinsky’s Easy Pieces, but though written deliberately with one ‘easy’ part for the learner, the pieces are thoroughly delightful, tuneful and never simplistic: indeed they display all the hallmarks of Romantic, Impressionist (and in two cases jazz-inspired) music-making of high quality and all make more extremely entertaining and pleasant listening. Antony Gray is a London-based pianist and teacher with acclaimed recordings to his name. His work with students of all ages, those that wish to pursue advanced training and even those who do not, produces a wonderful rapport which shines through in these recordings. Over 50 of Gray’s students are represented on the album.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: DDA21234

  • UPC: 809730123429

  • Label: Divine Art

  • Composer: Anatol Konstantinovich Liadov, André Caplet, Bohuslav Martinů, Carl Czerny, Edouard Lalo, Emile Paladilhe, Enrique Granados, Erik Windrich, Federico Maria Sardelli, Florent Schmitt, Franz Joseph Haydn, Igor Stravinsky, Jean Roger-Ducasse, Joe McGrail, John Carmichael, Joseph Guy Ropartz, Leo Ornstein, Malcolm Williamson, Michael Blake, Moritz Moszkowski, Percy Grainger

  • Performer: Abbas Shallal, Able Kpogho, Akhil Patel, Akindu Jayasekera, Alex Pavlopoulos, Antony Gray, Anushan Kulendran, Arla Albertine, Arun Dawit, Charlie Gibson, Christina Aquino, Christopher Granados, Daniel Costa Matos, Denzel Johnson Manyande, Dominic Ogbechi, Eliandro Fernandes Pires Goncalvez, Enyi Ochei-Okpara, Gabriella Costa Matos, Ghapilan Koneswaran, Giffele Scott, Harry Elliot, Harry Robin, Hayden Graham, Henry Samii Pour, Hermione Poole, Ijaz Rahman, Isaac Baden-Powell, Jackson Caines, Jennika Vadher, Joe McGrail, Jordan Lambdon, Joseph Marchbank, Julia Male, Jumaane Richardson-Robin, Kerubel Shoa, Luke Snow, Maceo Joseph, Matthew Domine, Mustafa Yahya, Nickush Bhudia, Nikita Shikotra, Novell Bruce, Oscar Brogdan, Petria Koumis, Rishi Patel, Sahas Warna, Sephora Dawit, Shan Joshi, Sharm Garara, Simon Weir, Sunay Vadher, Taj Patel, Tex Keen, Thelagan Koneswaran, Victor Gituanja, Yusuf Soeharjono