No Exceptions, No Exemptions / Robin Trischler, Malcolm Martineau

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A song recital which commemorates World War One brings to mind works by the poets and composers who fought valiantly for their country. Their music and words, often full of joy and desire, are made more profound and poignant by their personal sacrifices and experiences. But the affliction of the War was not restricted to the battlefields. As well as those who fought, there were those interned, those who stayed to defend their home, and those who were forced from their homes by the advancing armies. There were those who worked in munitions factories, and those who cared for the wounded.

This recital draws its inspiration from those lives upturned by the Great War, whether friend or foe, soldier or civilian. Some survived the conflict to produce great catalogues of works. Others never made it home, penning their final songs in the mud of the trenches.

As many of the featured composers fell in battle, I restricted my choice of songs to those composed in the years shortly before, and of, the war itself. With only a few exceptions, the featured poets too were involved in conflict. Alongside established works, this recital programme introduces some little known songs to portray the humanity of those caught up in the torrent of The Great War.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: SIGCD401

  • UPC: 635212040126

  • Label: Signum Classics

  • Composer: Albéric Magnard, Albert Roussel, André Caplet, Benjamin Dale, Cecil Coles, Charles Ives, Claude Debussy, Darius Milhaud, Edward Bainton, Ernest Bristow Farrar, Frederick Delius, Frederick Keel, Frederick Kelly, George Butterworth, Ivor Gurney, Michael Head, Pierre Vellones, Rudi Stephan, Sergei Prokofiev, Sir Arthur Bliss, W. Denis Browne

  • Performer: Malcolm Martineau, Robin Tritschler, Ruth Gibbons