Hoffman, Gosfield, King, Lee: Wild at Heart / Pauline Kim Harris

Hoffman, Gosfield, King, Lee: Wild at Heart / Pauline Kim Harris

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Wild at Heart is the second album in the “Chaconne Project” series on Sono Luminus, which reaches into the realm of parallel universes — connecting the past to the present, into the future. A collection of contemporary chaconnes that echo reincarnations of Bach’s iconic work for solo violin, Wild at Heart reflects a spectrum of sounds from delicate harmonics to hardcore noise. The composers featured on this album are Yoon-Ji Lee, Elizabeth Hoffman, Annie Gosfield and John King, who each introduce a unique voice.

If this global pandemic made anything more clear, it is that we are all connected. By remembering something that is not physically here on earth anymore, it is “kept alive.” At first, these new works felt like mere reactions to the Chaconne. But now I really see this second album as a series of reincarnations of Bach’s Chaconne. Each composer found their own personal connection to the Chaconne, giving new life to those select elements from the original work that resonated with them. Performing the original work connects us to the past, keeping Bach present. Creating new works inspired by the Chaconne facilitates a dream for a future. And, the new works are reproductions of the past in new lifeforms.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: DSL-92253

  • UPC: 053479225320

  • Label: Sono Luminus

  • Composer: Annie Gosfield, Elizabeth Hoffman, John King, Yoon-Ji Lee

  • Performer: Pauline Kim