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The title of Valérie Milot’s seventh CD is both a nod to the circle of valued musical colleagues she has worked with over the years and a reference to the loop as a musical concept, a seemingly simple melodic or rhythmical motif that serves as both framework and source of inspiration.

The disc features six complementary approaches, from John Cage’s ethereal In a Landscape to Frank Zappa’s turbulent G-Spot Tornado , not to mention the premiere of Antoine Bareil’s Castille 1382 , written especially for Milot. The recording also marks her 30th birthday, which she celebrates here with some long-standing musical partners and dear friends.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: AN29880

  • UPC: 774204988029

  • Label: Analekta

  • Composer: Antoine Bareil, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, John Cage, Marjan Mozetich, Steve Reich

  • Conductor: Mathieu Lussier

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Les Violons du Roy

  • Performer: Anne-Julie Caron, Antoine Bareil, Dominic Girard, Francois Vallieres, Jocelyne Roy, Marianne Lambert, Raphael Dube, Valerie Milot, Ziya Tabassian