Szymon Goldberg Vol 2 - Commercial Recordings 1932-1951

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Recordings were made of Szymon Goldberg (1909-1993) over virtually a 60-year period. It must have been one of the longest studio careers of any violinist - it was certainly one of the most consistent in quality. The present set gathers up all the 78rpm material, which itself covers some two decades and presents the violinist in repertoire to which he did not return in later years, such as string quartets, string trios and string duos. An earlier volume (Music & Arts CD-1223, 8 CDs) presented Goldberg's best live recordings. Despite an often difficult life, Goldberg had an extraordinary ability to project a balanced view of the music he played. He was the archetypal Classical violinist and in his everyday life, behaved exactly as he played - a rare gift. In person, he was diminutive and soft-spoken. On stage, he never hectored the audience through his violin or pulled the music about to create an effect. Taking the view that the composer knew best, he did not impose an egotistical interpretation. Rather, he sought out the quiet centre of the piece he was playing and let his performance grow out of that. It followed that he was a great Mozart violinist, possibly the finest of the last century. He was, perhaps, at his best in chamber music, well represented here; but he was also an assured soloist and made a few excellent concerto recordings in the 78rpm era. Volume I of this Goldberg project (CD-1223) was released in 2010 and was named a Musicweb International Record of the Year and earned a gold medal from Diapason Magazine.

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  • Label: Music & Arts Program

  • Composer: Antonín Dvořák, Franz Joseph Haydn, George Frideric Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Maria Theresia Paradis, Paul Hindemith, Roman Hoffstetter, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Conductor: Alois Melichar, Paul Kletzki, Walter Susskind

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra members, Berlin Philharmonic String Quartet, Philharmonia Orchestra

  • Performer: Anthony Pini, Arpád Sándor, Emanuel Feuermann, Frederick Riddle, Gerald Moore, Lili Kraus, Paul Hindemith, Szymon Goldberg