1. Tartini: Suonate a Violino e Violoncello
  2. Tartini: Suonate a Violino e Violoncello

Tartini: Suonate a Violino e Violoncello

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2020 offers a good opportunity to take a closer look at Giuseppe Tartini, 250 years after his death. A first-rate virtuoso, he was the violin teacher who most influenced 18th-century style: his pupils, who came to study with him from all over the world, went on to fill the best orchestras in Europe. By crafting melodically and harmonically original language on the violin, he best imitated the human voice by taking inspiration from poetry and its meter and using it as a model for his melodic phrases. Tartini, Corelli’s true descendent, went through various compositional phases by striving to find an absolute and natural style of music, close to the people’s soul. There remain abundant traces of his career in a large collection of letters, second only to Mozart’s correspondence. The general public is perhaps still unaware of the beauty which remains secret: hundreds of his compositions which are yet to be brought to light. This re-release publication accompanies the beginning of an Opera Omnia edition published by Barenreiter beginning in 2020: it is hoped that it may outline the illuminating profile of a great musician of the eighteenth century.


Enrico Gatti has consulted various sources for the recording of these sonatas. He states that in the case of the slow movements there are no versions with ornaments by Tartini himself. He adds ornaments of his own, but does so in different ways in the two sets of sonatas. In the Op 1 he is more generous in this department than in the Op 2 sonatas, where - as he writes in his liner-notes - Tartini inserted many ornaments in the melodic line. This is an indication of the careful and thought-out approach to the interpretation of these sonatas. Gatti avoids spectacular effects - although certainly not eschewing virtuosity, for instance in his ornamentation - and rather emphasizes the intimate and poetic features of Tartini's music. Therefore this set is of great importance with regard to interpretation of Tartini's sonatas. The reissue of this set of discs is most welcome, and nobody interested in Tartini should miss it. Gatti was a pioneer of historical performance practice in Italy, which in the course of time has become mainstream there as it has north of the Alps. This set of discs is also a tribute to his art and his activities in the revival of baroque music. Here he receives substantial support from two other prominent representatives of the Italian early music scene.

– MusicWeb International

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  • UPC: 3760195739082

  • Label: Arcana

  • Composer: Giuseppe Tartini

  • Performer: Enrico Gatti, Gaetano Nasillo, Guido Morini