1. Resonance Lines / Collins

Resonance Lines / Hannah Collins

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Resonance Lines, a term borrowed loosely from physics, refers to the energy emitted or absorbed by an atom as it transitions between different energy states. This is a unique and innate quality for each type of atom that can only be measured and observed under the right enabling circumstances. An ideal artistic collaboration feels like the discovery and realization of deeply held potential for shared creativity—a sympathetic resonance or surge of energy in the colloquial sense—that is revealed when the right conditions are in place. It may feel lucky or it may feel destined, and in special cases, the “resonating” artists are able to nurture and develop their complementary qualities with lasting effect. This album is a collection of music grown of such pairings, collaborations between composers and cellists joined by shared experiences that lead to creative sparks, unique musical gestures, and new sound worlds.


Despite featuring works created centuries apart, Resonance Lines is distinguished by a remarkable degree of uniformity. That’s attributable to three things in particular: first, Hannah Collins’ cello is the sole instrument involved; second, the cellist brings a deep level of conviction to all six pieces; and third, each of them makes distinct references to music from the past, a move that helps collapse temporal boundaries between the pieces and reveals how the composers built on their personal musical histories with the creation of something new. Collins also has personal connections to the material, which amplifies their resonance all the more.

Every performance on the sixty-five-minute release is so engrossing, one quickly loses sight of the fact that the recording is the product of a single person and instrument. No supplemental effects are used, and neither are they needed when Collins is involved. Solo recordings expose the performer most nakedly, but she in no way suffers as a result. One comes away from the release with a heightened appreciation for her as both cellist and collaborator.

-- Textura

Product Description:

  • Release Date: September 24, 2021

  • Catalog Number: DSL-92252

  • UPC: 053479225221

  • Label: Sono Luminus

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Period: 20th Century, Contempoary

  • Composer: Benjamin Britten, Caroline Shaw, Giuseppe Colombi, Kaija Saariaho, Thomas Kotcheff

  • Performer: Hannah Collins


  1. Chiacona

    Composer: Giuseppe Colombi

    Performer: Hannah Collins (Cello)

  2. Dreaming Chaconne (after G. Colombi's Chiacona)

    Composer: Kaija Saariaho

    Performer: Hannah Collins (Cello)

  3. In manus tuas

    Composer: Caroline Shaw

    Performer: Hannah Collins (Cello)

  4. Papillons (7)

    Composer: Kaija Saariaho

    Performer: Hannah Collins (Cello)

  5. Suite for Solo Cello No. 1, Op. 72

    Composer: Benjamin Britten

    Performer: Hannah Collins (Cello)

  6. Cadenza (with or without Haydn)

    Composer: Thomas Kotcheff

    Performer: Hannah Collins (Cello)