Anthology of American Music, Vol. 5 - American Dances / Cecile Licad

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Vol. 5 of American Piano Music. The Anthology of American Piano Music is designed to show the stylistic breadth, high musical quality, and great originality...

Vol. 5 of American Piano Music. The Anthology of American Piano Music is designed to show the stylistic breadth, high musical quality, and great originality of the best American piano works. The series contains underrated, neglected or forgotten masterworks of the American literature for solo piano from the 18th to the 21st century that have been selected primarily for their musical worth and originality. The com- positions are assembled in a series of themed CDs, their programs being connected by one common theme or overarching idea. Vol. 1, "American First Sonatas", comprises the first piano sonatas by four American composers from different periods, including the very first sonata ever composed in North America. Vol. 2, ‘Music of the Night’, a 2 CD album, assembles a selection of American nocturnes and other piano works related to the theme of Night, while Vol. 3, 'American Landscapes', includes three complete cycles of character pieces and eight stand-alone works featuring musical impressions from North American landscapes. Vol.4 contains the complete set of compositions for piano and orchestra by George Gershwin. The present CD (Vol.5, "American Dances") is a compilation of works for solo piano that are related to the theme of Dance.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: June 16, 2023

  • UPC: 5709499965009

  • Catalog Number: DACOCD965

  • Label: Danacord Records

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Period: Romantic, 20th Century

  • Composer: Samuel Barber, Amy Beach, Henry F. Gilbert, Louis M. Gottschalk, Louis Gruenberg, Edward MacDowell, Charles Theodore Pachelbel, William Grant Still, Micah Thomas, Carlos Troyer

  • Conductor: Tyrolean Valse-Fantaisie, Op. 116, Cloud Cradles (No. 1 from Seven Traceries), Kiowa-Apache War Dance, Dance (No. 5 from Five Negro Dances), Minuet, Souvenirs, Op. 28, Rotation, Jazz Masks II, Op. 30, Hexentanz, Op. 17, Grande Tarantelle, Op. 67

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Cecile Licad

  • Performer: Cecile Licad


  1. Tyrolean Valse-Fantaisie, Op. 116

    Composer: Amy Beach

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  2. Cloud Cradles (No. 1 from Seven Traceries)

    Composer: William Grant Still

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  3. Kiowa-Apache War Dance

    Composer: Carlos Troyer

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  4. Dance (No. 5 from Five Negro Dances)

    Composer: Henry F. Gilbert

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  5. Minuet

    Composer: Charles Thomas Pachelbel

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  6. Souvenirs, Op. 28

    Composer: Samuel Barber

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  7. Rotation

    Composer: Micah Thomas

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  8. Jazz Masks II, Op. 30

    Composer: Louis Gruenberg

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  9. Hexentanz, Op. 17

    Composer: Edward MacDowall

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)

  10. Grande Tarantelle, Op. 67

    Composer: Louis Gottschalk

    Performer: Cecile Licad (Piano)