Artyomov: Gentle Emanation / Currentzis, Ponkin, Russian National Orchestra

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Yacheslav Artyomov is considered by many to be Russia’s greatest living composer. After the fall of the Soviet regime his music has travelled the world to great acclaim. It is deep, ultimately spiritual and brilliantly crafted, with influences from the Russian symphonic tradition colored by Mahler, Honegger and Messiaen to name a few – but melded into a unique voice. This is one of a pair of related albums and contains a Symphony which is the third of his gigantic symphonic tetralogy “Symphony of the Way” - it was given its premiere by Mstislav Rostropovich to whose memory the disc is dedicated. The symphony is accompanied by another major work, Tristia II, a Fantasy for piano and orchestra with poems and prayers by Nikolai Gogol. The two conductors are among the cream of Russia’s younger generation, both amassing a very fine reputation in their own fields. Overall, this is a release of high importance in the symphonic repertoire (world premiere recordings).

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: DDA25144

  • UPC: 809730514425

  • Label: Divine Art

  • Composer: Vyacheslav Artyomov

  • Conductor: Teodor Currentzis, Vladimir Ponkin

  • Performer: Philipp Kopachevsky


  1. Symphony - Gentle Emanation (No. 3 of Symphonic Tetralogy - 'Symphony of the Way')

    Composer: Vyacheslav Artyomov

    Conductor: Teodor Currentzis

  2. Tristia No. 2, fantasy for narrator, piano & orchestra

    Composer: Vyacheslav Artyomov

    Performer: Philipp Kopachevsky (Piano)

    Conductor: Vladimir Ponkin