Askari, Pasculli, Rouhani: From Italy To Persia / Gheitasi, Sadeghi - ArkivMusic

Askari, Pasculli, Rouhani: From Italy To Persia / Gheitasi, Sadeghi

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"Persian folk music is a very old traditional music, mostly played and recorded with Persian instruments. However, we have chosen to record this collection with modern instruments such as the oboe and the piano. At a time when many people in the world are bound by the borders of their countries and crossing borders has become an important issue, I decided to record this collection. I want to express in my own language and with my music that music belongs to all countries of the world and knows no borders, and that one can clearly hear and realize similarities in the music of different countries. Antonio Pasculli's very special ideas and creativity shine through in his works. He challenges the musician in various ways, such as high tempi or the use of circular breathing. Perhaps for this reason, the works of this great Italian composer are very rarely performed and recorded. The Persian composer Reza Vali wrote several collections of Persian music for orchestra and chamber orchestra, including a collection of new Persian folk music. The second collection consisting of nine Persian folk songs was composed in 1981. The folk songs are based on traditional Persian melodies. In this collection Reza Vali uses the quarter-tone technique. These Persian folk pieces are performed and recorded here for the first time with the oboe. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the composers of this collection with this recording of their works." ( Aryan Gheitasi)

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