Avarp: Prologue - Icelandic Chamber Music / Panasiuk, Wandtke, Panasiuk

Avarp: Prologue - Icelandic Chamber Music / Panasiuk, Wandtke, Panasiuk

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The Icelandic chamber music recorded on the album by Agnieszka Panasiuk (piano) together with Anna Wandtke (violin) and Pawel Panasiuk (cello) is characterized by varied expression, high emotional load and lyricism. The rich sound color comes to the fore, with a well-thought-out and coherent dialogue of instrumental voices. The piano is the central sound axis, shaping the character of the compositions presented on the album. Agnieszka Panasiuk is at ease with the use of a variety of expressive and virtuoso means, differentiating stylistically between compositions representing a number of trends present in the Icelandic music of the 20th century. The variety of colors, charisma and precision of the string instruments give the recipient a wide sonoristic image and complement the interesting whole. The album takes the listener into the world of the raw beauty of faraway Iceland and also encourages to reflect on the originality and uniqueness of the Icelandic musical language.

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