Bach: Concertos for Violin and Flute / Nadrzycki, Kaczka

Bach: Concertos for Violin and Flute / Nadrzycki, Kaczka

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How would have Bach composed if he had had access to modern instrumentarium: a violin with Tourte’s bow that produces a higher volume of sound, a trumpet with an entire chromatic scale or a contemporary grand piano? Would he be inspired by the art of virtuosos of today, such as the Leipzig ensemble of Collegium Musicum, as he was known to have composed for distinguished artists? Would he forgive pop or computer game composers for using his music? How would he judge changes in the key of pieces, which played a vital role in the intellectual and emotional rendition of music according to Baroque rules? Or else, would he adjust to the vibe of our epoch and make use of samples instead of real performers? In any case, he would definitely appreciate the interpretations by Jaroslaw Nadrzycki, Krzysztof Kaczka and L’Appasionata, a Verona-based chamber orchestra. The energy that these young musicians display while playing Bach’s pieces would certainly match the composer’s spirit. If we observe Bach’s portraits for which he would pose in a dignified wig as we listen to his grand music, we might think that Bach was a placid and serious man. Yet not once did his contemporaries have to cope with his fits of anger or turbulent character; on the contrary, he must have also been high-spirited and humorous, which we may deduce from his numerous pieces.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: HC21020

  • UPC: 881488210200

  • Label: Hänssler & Profil

  • Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Conductor: Lorenzo Gugole

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: L'Appassionata

  • Performer: Jaroslaw Nadrzycki, Krzysztof Kaczka