Bach: Sei Triosonate BWV 525, 530 / Francesco Fiore, Riccardo Doni

Bach: Sei Triosonate BWV 525, 530 / Francesco Fiore, Riccardo Doni

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Recording J.S. Bach's six organ sonatas BWV 525-530 in a viola and keyboard version appeared as a musically fascinating challenge. In the past, chamber versions of these masterpieces have been prepared that included the use of viola together with other instruments such as Oboe, Violin, Flute, Cello. These transcriptions, on the other hand, are perfectly in line with the practice of J. S. Bach’s time: he himself has made numerous reworkings, transcriptions and re-orchestrations of both his original works and works by other composers such as Corelli, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Telemann. However, the full version of the six sonatas with viola and organ had not yet been made and recorded. It remains a fervent hope that this recording, other than arousing the interest of violists (but not only) for these wonderful sonatas, may eventually help to increase the not very wide repertoire for viola and keyboard of the first half of the 1700s, and that these works will illustrate the consummate artistry of J.S.Bach in all of its superhuman grandeur through a tonal vesture full of evocative power and interpretative possibilities.

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