Best of Saor Patrol / The Clan's Favourites

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Ask anyone who’s seen them: you don’t forget a Saor Patrol gig. Whether it’s the mayhem of the Wacken metal festival, a sweaty smoky bar in downtown Austin, or closer to home at the Edinburgh Fringe, Saor Patrol never fail to leave an impression. The band has been variously termed ‘Tribal Rock’ and ‘The Motorhead of Folk’ but there’s a term that more closely describes the sound they’ve worked hard to purvey: Scottish Celtic Rock. Pounding drums underpin incendiary guitar and untamed pipes; Saor Patrol travel the world, leaving Scotland ringing in the ears of legions of fans: “Alba gu Brath!” Scotland forever. This special collection was chosen by the fans- the Clan- as a celebration of Saor Patrol’s music through the years.

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