Boccherini: Stabat Mater / Costa, Lorenzo, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra

Boccherini: Stabat Mater / Costa, Lorenzo, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra

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Boccherini is a leading figure in the history of music that preceded the advent of the first Viennese School; his contribution to the development of the quartet and quintet form was decisive and its importance is acknowledged by both Italian and foreign scholars. His music stands out for its freshness and melodic variety and for the refined and elegant ideas, in a harmonious discursive flow. Boccherini wrote two versions of the Stabat Mater: a first one in 1781 for soprano and strings (the one contained in this album) and a second one in 1800 for soprano, alto, tenor and strings, which entered the repertoire and was made, according to a note by the author reported on the manuscript copy of the Paris Conservatoire, "to avoid the monotony of a single voice and too much work for this single singing voice". Nevertheless, he writes a page of sincere and pure religious feeling that in the final AMEN touches one of the most inspiring moments of his creative personality. The masterful performance of the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Giancarlo De Lorenzo, and the convincing prayerful interpretation of the soprano Gabriella Costa, make this recording a sure reference in the discography of Boccherini's works.

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