Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 / Thielemann, Vienna Philharmonic

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 / Thielemann, Vienna Philharmonic

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This recording of the Symphony No.8 (Edition Haas) marks the start and the first live recording of the Bruckner cycle tour, which began in October 2019 in the much-celebrated concert at the Musikvereinssaal in Vienna. The Vienna Philharmonic, who have premiered four out of Bruckner’s 9 symphonies are familiar to his music unlike any other orchestra. With Christian Thielemann they have one of the few Bruckner experts on their side who has since 2000 been a musical partner of the orchestra. Thielemann has also conducted the New Year’s Concert for the first time in 2019.

The Vienna Philharmonic initiated a new Bruckner symphony cycle with Christian Thielemann in 2019. The new cycle is planned to last until 2024, the the 200th anniversary year of Anton Bruckner’s birth. We will release the live performances from the Musikvereinsaal, Vienna.



Thielemann draws fulsome, richly burnished playing from the orchestra. Orchestral textures are transparent, and he has a full grasp of the work’s architecture. Each climax is carefully prepared and powerfully executed. Melodic phrases are shaped with great affection and he uses a wide color palette from his players. Every ingredient is there, carefully measured out and expertly blended, poured into the pan and placed into the oven with care. Sony’s engineers capture the Musikverein’s exalted acoustic and the orchestra’s glorious sound with enviable precision and warmth. This is an exceptionally beautiful performance, with orchestral playing that cannot be bettered.


Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: 19439786582

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  • Label: Sony

  • Composer: Anton Bruckner

  • Conductor: Christian Thielemann

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra