C.P.E Bach: Six Concertos / Astronio, Molardi

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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach wrote this set of six keyboard concertos Wq43 once he had been released from the constricting service to Frederick the Great of Prussia. Published in 1772, these concertos are among the first-fruits of such liberated imagination. The solo parts of these works will test the mettle of any aspiring or proven virtuoso. Their greatest originality, though, lies in their form.

Each concerto is written cyclically, or continuously, meaning that one movement leads directly into the next. Even the cadenzas are fully written out, anticipating in this regard Beethoven’s ‘Emperor’ Concerto of two generations later.

The panoply of CPE’s instrumentation is necessarily compressed by this transcription of the concertos for two harpsichords, but the vitality of dialogue is fully preserved. It was made (or at least copied) by Johann Gottlieb Haußstädler, a copyist working for Peter August, the organist for the Elector of Saxony. The two men may have collaborated on the arrangement; at any rate, it has been unknown until now, and comes to life in the hands of a pair of Italian musicians with a serious pedigree in recording music of this period for Brilliant Classics.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: January 05, 2024

  • Catalog Number: BRI95584

  • UPC: 5028421955841

  • Label: Brilliant Classics

  • Number of Discs: 2

  • Period: Classical

  • Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

  • Performer: Claudio Astronio, Stefano Molardi


  1. Concertos (6), Wq. 43

    Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

    Performer: Claudio Astronio (Harpsichord, Stefano Molardi (Harpsichord)