Calo, Inglese, Valente & Vella: Clangori di tromba, Vol. 4

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The fourth volume represents the "turnaround" of the six volumes planned for the creation of the box set containing all the Molfettese funeral marches performed during the rites of Holy Week. Recorded in November this volume marks the full post-pandemic restart. As always, our engravings are made with respect to what is traditionally performed during processions and in all the rites of Holy Week in our city.

Particularly in this volume we find two marches by Maestro Angelo Inglese "Doloroso Addio" and "Tragic Sunset"; the first march rarely performed in concerts and never played during Lenten processions represents for us a source of pride in popularizing these splendid works of rare beauty but little performed; the second work is certainly the most famous funeral march written by Maestro Angelo Inglese performed now also in neighboring towns and beyond. These parts donated to the Archconfraternity of Death - from the black sack, are made by the Maestro precisely to accompany the simulacra and the faithful during the processions, restrumenting and modifying scores and parts in order to make them easier and more easily performed by the band formations engaged during the rites of Holy Week. Completing the disc is a march of national caliber by Maestro Amedeo Vella, "Una lacrima sulla tomba di mia madre," and two other marches from the Molfettese folk tradition such as "U Conzasiegge" by Maestro Vincenzo Valente, certainly the best known of the marches by the people of Molfetta, and "Amleto" by Maestro Saverio Calò, a march that is performed as per tradition only during the Good Friday procession.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: June 02, 2023

  • Catalog Number: DIGR137

  • UPC: 8054726141372

  • Label: Digressione Music

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Composer: Amedeo Vella, Vincenzo Valente, Angelo Inglese, Saverio Calo

  • Conductor: Benedetto Grillo

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Grande Orchestra di Fiati "Francesco Peruzzi” Citta di Molfetta

  • Performer: Alfonso Rondinelli, Anna Antonia Angione, Raffaele Caccavo, Crescenzo De Gennaro, Giuseppe Ciliberti, Sergio Colangelo, Giacomo Cosmai, Giuseppe De Gennaro, Roberto Pischettola, Nicola Parisi, Roberto Pischettola, Fabio Ciocia, Luigi Tarantino, Federico Angarano, Antonio Carbonara, Salvatore Pirolo, Ignazio D’Alto, Claudia Lops, Anna Quarto, Giuseppe Parisi, Giuseppe Pepe, Ignazio Allegretta, Sabina Dell’aquila, Adriana Giancaspro, Gabriele De Lucia, Ignazio Allegretta