Chaconne: Voices of Eternity

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In the 17th and 18th centuries, the chaconne was generally indistinguishable from the passacaglia, the two musical forms being so similar in nature. In both, the repetition of a single harmonic motif evoked a sense of time stretching far beyond the limits of our physical world, thus creating an illusion of eternity!

This recording collects some of the most beautiful examples from the literally hundreds of such pieces composed during the baroque period. Since the attempt to create the illusion of eternity in music was generally linked to the principle of melodic variations – whether it be variations on a theme or variations over a repeated harmonic motif – two famous examples of Folias composed by Falconiero and Vivaldi are also included.

Ensemble Caprice has made a habit of entering into dialog with composers of the past. For this recording, they have added several short vocal pieces written by the ensemble leader based on poems by the 17th century mystic Angelus Silesius. These brief verses in alexandrine meter are a perfect expression of the dichotomy experienced by the human being torn between life and death, between this world and the invisible world.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: AN29132

  • UPC: 774204913229

  • Label: Analekta

  • Composer: Andrea Falconieri, Anonymous, Antonio Vivaldi, Claudio Monteverdi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Matthias Maute, Stefano Landi

  • Conductor: Matthias Maute

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Ensemble Caprice