Charpentier & Desmarest: Te Deum / Camboulas, Ensemble Les Surprises

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Two Te Deums go head to head! The famous one by Marc-Antoine Charpentier and a completely new one by Henry Desmarets. Charpentier and Desmarets, remarkable composers of both sacred music and opera, shared a taste for Italian music and travel, but they also shared the disadvantage of having spent some time in Jean-Baptiste Lully's 'shadow'! Desmarets' life was somewhat tormented, between disgrace and exile; it was while he was superintendent of music at the Court of Lorraine that he composed two Te Deums, including the Te Deum"de Lyon". Written for the same ensemble as Charpentier's famous Te Deum, it uses trumpets and timpani for the grandiloquent sections. It is a true work of craftsmanship, notably in the variety of instrumentation, but also in its alternation of different vocal forces.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: January 12, 2024

  • Catalog Number: ALPHA1018

  • UPC: 3701624510186

  • Label: Alpha

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Period: Baroque

  • Composer: Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Henry Desmarest

  • Conductor: Louis-Noel Bestion de Camboulas

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Ensemble Les Surprises

  • Performer: Jehanne Amzal, Eugenie Lefebvre, Clement Debieuvre, Francois-Olivier Jean, Francois Joron, Jean-Christophe Laniece, David Witczak


  1. Te Deum, H. 146

    Composer: Marc-Antoine Charpentier

    Ensemble: Ensemble Les Surprises

    Conductor: Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas

  2. Te Deum

    Composer: Henry Desmarets

    Ensemble: Ensemble Les Surprises

    Conductor: Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas