Christopher Houlihan Plays Bach

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It goes without saying that almost all serious organists regard Johann Sebastian Bach's magnificent works as the foundation of their musical art. Performed on any decent instrument dating from Bach's time forward, the composer's genius and compositional facility never fail to shine through in any of his works, be they large or small. His impeccable craftsmanship, supreme sense of musical invention, intense spirituality and unmatched contrapuntal mastery make each example a memorable and uplifting experience. Christopher Houlihan says, "The past sixty or so years have seen numerous, ground-brekaing recordings of Bach's music on historic and historically informed instruments; this recording is a decidedly modern take on this repertoire. You'll hear crescendos and diminuendos as well as registration changes that are only possible on a modern organ. I do not believe this distorts Bach's genius, but rather highlights different aspects of it. It's a little like playing Bach on a piano - perhaps one doesn't play it like Liszt would have, but how much does one pretend the piano is a harpsichord?".

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: ACD-71314

  • UPC: 787867131428

  • Label: Azica Records

  • Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Performer: Christopher Houlihan