Coming Yesterday / Martial Solal

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Coming Yesterday is the recording of what turned out to be Martial Solal’s last concert; he decided to stop playing piano after that show. Martial Solal writes: "When I walked onto the stage on January 23, 2019, I did not yet know that I would decide not to play piano anymore after this concert, more than seventy years after my debut. To maintain a certain level, this instrument requires your daily attention; it requires delicacy, brutality, and especially energy. I have lived with these demands all my life, with the joy of seeing the progress, the technical and musical advances, the rhythmic and harmonic enrichments that we acquire over time. Of course, everything goes very fast at first. As long as you are gifted, if you spend a little time on it, if you listen to what was done before you, if you choose a path, everything may seem easy. Progress is rapid, illusions are immense, and then walls arise, walls that you want to reach and overcome. Seventy years to achieve this is a minimum... When energy is no longer available, it is better to stop…” The concert features compositions by Duke Ellington, Ira Gershwin, James Davis, James Sherman, and many more.

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