Complete Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli by 51 Composers

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Can one unpretentious little tune ever have been more honoured with compositional virtuosity than the little waltz which the then 39 year old publisher and impresario Anton Diabelli publicised and invited all the notable composers of the day to embroider and embellish with their own mastery? What seems remarkable now is how many chose to respond to Diabelli’s offer-cum-publicity-trick, 51 of them in all, not only Beethoven but the 11 year old Liszt – perhaps already wised up to the ways of the nascent music industry – and plenty of names that would now be considered also-rans in music history: Mozart’s son, Franz Xaver; the counterpoint teacher of Schubert and Bruckner, Simon Sechter; Friedrich Dionysus Weber, no relation of Carl Maria; and these are some of the names more noted in their own right.

Here’s a rare chance to hear their efforts in context with the monument but for which they would likely have been altogether forgotten, the 33 variations then elaborated by Beethoven who apparently refused to contribute to the picnic-basket of the original project but determined to make a magnum opus of his own from the tune, which scholars have declared to be his most adventurous work in terms of harmonic innovation (which is saying something).

Pier Paolo Vincenzi has undertaken his own scholarly research for this new recording, relying not only on the standard edition of the 51 collated variations but a more rarely encountered 1983 edition which offers two more variations than are usually found. Vincenzi’s discography on Brilliant Classics already includes a valuable set of the complete piano music by Wagner. - Brilliant Classics

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  • Composer: Anselm Hüttenbrenner, Anton Diabelli, Anton Halm, Archduke Rudolf of Austri, Carl Angelus von Winkhler, Carl Czerny, Carl Maria von Bocklet, Conradin Kreutzer, Eduard Baron von Lannoy, Emanuel Aloys Forster, Franz de Paula Roser, Franz Jakob Freystädtler, Franz Liszt, Franz Schoberlechner, Franz Schubert, Franz Weber, Franz Weiss, Franz Xavier W. Mozart, Frederic Kalkbrenner, Friedrich August Kanne, Friedrich Dionysius Weber, Gottfried Rieger, Hieronymus Payer, Ignaz Assmayr, Ignaz Franz Edler von Mos, Ignaz Moscheles, Jan Nepomuk Matyas Nepomu, Jan Vaclav Vorisek, Joachim Hoffmann, Johann Baptist Gansbacher, Johann Baptist Schenk, Johann Evangelist Horzalk, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Johann Peter Pixis, Josef Czerny, Joseph Dreschler, Joseph Gelinek, Joseph Huglmann, Joseph Kerzkowsky, Joseph Mayseder, Joseph Panny, Joseph von Szalay, Leopold Eustache Czapek, Ludwig van Beethoven, Maximilian Joseph Leidesd, Maximilian Stadler, Michaël Umlauff, Moritz Graf von Dietrichstein, Philipp Jakob Riotte, Simon Sechter, Vaclav Tomasek, Wenzel Plachy

  • Performer: Pier Paolo Vincenzi