Cowardy Custard - The Original Cast Recording

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Cowardy Custard
The Original Cast Recording
An entertainment devised by Gerald Frow Alan Strachan Wendy Toye
Featuring the words and music of Noe?l Coward

The story of Noël Coward's life told through song and biographical snippets, Cowardy Custard started as part of the City of London Festival in 1972 running for over a year with 405 performances. Featuring songs and scenes from Coward's works of the ‘20s through the ‘60s, Cowardy Custard includes “You Were There,” "Mad About the Boy," "The Stately Homes of England," "I Wonder What Happened to Him?" and – perhaps most memorably – "Marvelous Party," sung by Tony® winner Patricia Routledge.


1. If Love Were All (From Bitter-Sweet, 1929) 27:15 - Peter Gale

I’ll See You Again (From Bitter-Sweet) - Patricia Routledge
Time and Again (1950s) - Derek Waring
Has Anybody Seen Our Ship? (Red Peppers from Tonight at 8:30, 1936) - Anna Sharkey, Geoffrey Burridge
Try to Learn to Love (From This Year of Grace, 1928) - Una Stubbs
Kiss Me (From Bitter-Sweet) - Jonathan Cecil
Go Slow, Johnny (From Sail Away, 1961) - Tudor Davies
Tokay (From Bitter-Sweet) - Peter Gale
Dearest Love (From Operette, 1938) - Anna Sharkey
Could You Please Oblige Us with a Bren Gun? (1940s) - Geoffrey Burridge, Jonathan Cecil, Tudor Davies, Peter Gale, John Moffatt, Derek Waring
Come the Wild, Wild Weather (From Waiting in the Wings, 1960) - Elaine Delmar
Spinning Song (1950s) - Patricia Routledge
Parisian Pierrot (From London Calling, 1923) - Full Company
The Boy Actor (From Not Yet the Dodo and Other Verses, 1967) - John Moffatt
Play, Orchestra, Play (From Shadow Play, from Tonight at 8:30, 1936) - The Company
Shadow Play / You Were There - Patricia Routledge, Derek Waring

Any Little Fish (From Cochran’s 1931 Review) - Anna Sharkey, Peter Gale
A Room with a View (From This Year of Grace) - Laurel Ford, Geoffrey Burridge

New York Poverty (From Present Indicative) - Tudor Davies
When You Want Me (From Sail Away) - Elaine Delmar, Derek Waring
Specially for You (From Charlot’s Revue, 1924) - Patricia Routledge, John Moffatt
Beatnik Love Affair (From Sail Away) - Una Stubbs, Tudor Davies
Success (From Present Indicative) - Derek Waring
I’m Mad About You (From This Year of Grace) - The Company
Poor Little Rich Girl (From On With the Dance, 1925) - Derek Waring

2. Louisa (1950s) 3:03 - Olivia Breeze, Patricia Routledge, John Moffatt

3. Mad About the Boy 7:45 (From Words and Music, 1932) - Patricia Routledge (Society Woman), Una Stubbs (Schoolgirl), Anna Sharkey (Cockney), Elaine Delmar (Tart)

4. The Stately Homes of England 3:54 (From Operette, 1938) - Jonathan Cecil, Tudor Davies, John Moffatt, Derek Waring

5. Twentieth Century Blues 3:06 (From Cavalcade, 1931) - Elaine Delmar

6. I Went to a Marvellous Party 4:00 (From Set to Music, New York, 1939) - Patricia Routledge

The Magic of an Empty Theatre 1:17 (From Present Indicative) - John Moffatt

8. Auditions 0:40 (From Present Indicative) - Derek Waring

9. Mrs. Worthington 2:00 (1930s) - John Moffatt


1. Excerpts from Critics Sequence 3:43 - The Company
Why Must the Show Go On? (1950s) - The Company

London Pride - Derek Waring
London Is a Little Bit of All Right (From The Girl Who Came to Supper) - Anna Sharkey
What Ho, Mrs. Brisket (From The Girl Who Came to Supper) - Patricia Routledge
Don’t Take Our Charlie for the Army (From The Girl Who Came to Supper) - Una Stubbs
Saturday Night at the Rose and Crown London at Night (From After the Ball, 1954) - John Moffatt
London Finale - The Company

3. Return to London, 1941 1:26 (From Future Indefinite, 1954) - Derek Waring

4, There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner 3:15 (From The Globe Revue, 1952) - Peter Gale, John Moffatt, Derek Waring

5. Alice Is At It Again (1950s) - 3:08 Tudor Davies, Una Stubbs

6. TRAVEL SEQUENCE: 4:34 I Love Travelling John Moffatt
I’ll Follow My Secret Heart
The Passenger’s Always Right
If Love Were All (From Bitter-Sweet) - Tudor Davies and Company
Useful Phrases (From Sail Away) - Patricia Routledge
Why Do the Wrong People Travel? (From Sail Away) - Tudor Davies, Laurel Ford
St. Peter’s (From Come Into the Garden Maud, part of Suite in Three Keys, 1965) - Patricia Routledge, Olivia Breeze

7. Mad Dogs and Englishmen 3:13 (From Words and Music) - Elaine Delmar

8. Nina 3:40 (From Sigh No More, 1945) - John Moffatt

9. I Like America 1:16 (From Ace of Clubs) - Peter Gale

10. Bronxville Darby and Joan 2:43 (From Sail Away) - Patricia Routledge, John Moffatt

11. Darjeeling 0:14 (From South Sea Bubble, 1956) - Jonathan Cecil, Laurel Ford

12. I Wonder What Happened to Him? 4:13 (From Sigh No More) - Jonathan Cecil, John Moffatt, Derek Waring

13. Miss Mouse 0:43 (From Waiting in the Wings) - Una Stubbs

14. Let’s Do It 3:52 (Music by Cole Porter) - Geoffrey Burridge, Jonathan Cecil, Tudor Davies, Peter Gale, John Moffatt, Derek Waring

15. Last Words 1:57 (From South Sea Bubble, 1956) - Una Stubbs, John Moffatt

16. The Boy Actor (reprise) - 0:40 John Moffatt

Touring Days (1920s) - Patricia Routledge, John Moffatt
Nothing Can Last For Ever (From Ace of Clubs) - Peter Gale
Would You Like to Stick a Pin in My Balloon? (From Ace of Clubs) - Una Stubbs
Mary Make-Believe (From This Year of Grace) - Elaine Delmar, Olivia Breeze, Laurel Ford, Anna Sharkey, Una Stubbs
Dance, Little Lady (From This Year of Grace) - Derek Waring
Men About Town (From Tonight at 8:30) - Geoffrey Burridge, Tudor Davies, Peter Gale
Forbidden Fruit (1917) - Elaine Delmar, Patricia Routledge, Una Stubbs, Jonathan Cecil, Peter Gale, Derek Waring
Sigh No More (From Sigh No More) - Anna Sharkey
Younger Generation (From Words and Music) - The Company
I’ll Follow My Secret Heart (From Bitter-Sweet) - Patricia Routledge
If Love Were All (From Bitter-Sweet) - Tudor Davies and Company

Product Description:

  • Release Date: August 28, 2013

  • Catalog Number: SONY72394

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  • Label: Sony

  • Number of Discs: 2

  • Composer: Noel Coward

  • Conductor: John Burrows

  • Performer: Anna Sharkey, Derek Waring, Elaine Delmar, Geoffrey Burridge, John Moffatt, Jonathan Cecil, Laurel Ford, Olivia Breeze, Patricia Routledge, Peter Gale, Tudor Davies, Una Stubbs