Cristal Bello: Sacred Music of 18th-century Spain and México / Amo, La Guirlande

Cristal Bello: Sacred Music of 18th-century Spain and México / Amo, La Guirlande

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From Spain to New Spain: music and modernity in the 18th Century. The first half of the 18th Century saw a major change in musical taste all over Europe. To be fashionable became a composer's main concern, trying to please both the audience as well as their sponsors, which brought about a continual circulation of new music, especially that composed by Italians. In this regard, the Spanish monarchy was no exception.

The composers included in this recording belong to a generation born around 1700. These musicians were very much influenced by Neapolitan artists, whose music enjoyed a wide diffusion throughout the whole Hispanic world during the first half of the 18th Century. It was these composers who, on a more regular basis, began writing in Spain for the flute, an instrument which has a special presence in this CD. Also included is a set of instrumental verses in second tone (mode) by Jerusalem. These pieces are part of a collection of instrumental verses by the Neapolitan composer preserved to this day in the musical archive of the Mexico City Cathedral. The function of these pieces was to substitute some verses of liturgical text, alternating sung sections with instrumental ones.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: October 22, 2021

  • Catalog Number: VA 16

  • UPC: 8436556733130

  • Label: Vanitas

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Composer: Ignacio de Jerusalem

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: La Guirlande

  • Performer: Luís Martínez