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Ginastera, Mamlok, Veress: Crossroads - Works for Solo Cello / Bitter

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Crossroads where people meet. Crossroads at which composers were compelled to leave their personal, family, and linguistic homes. In the second half of the last century, these musicians experienced flight, expulsion, and exile, and fortunately found their “home” in their music and in their artistic environment. The works for violoncello recorded here describe a journey through various worlds, at the end of which one is probably certain to have arrived at home again – but enriched by insights into the interstices in which different musical cultures suddenly grow together – and possibly with a different feeling for the term “home.” During the past centuries, the violoncello as a solo instrument has increasingly been entrusted with virtuoso works of strong character. This instrument, like no other, can sing of the different emotional states, describe landscapes, lament hardships, and extend an invitation to dance. The works brought together on this recording bear witness to this.

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