Des Konigs Flotenmeister - Quantz: Flute Concertos

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A large proportion of the compositional output of Johann Joachim Quantz has been preserved up to the present day, in particular the works written for the crown prince and subsequent King Frederick II. The approximately 281 surviving flute concertos form the most substantial group of works alongside vocal music, several orchestral works, trio and quartet sonatas and around 184 sonatas for transverse flute and basso continuo. The majority of the concertos were created specifi cally for Frederick II and took the stylistic preferences of the royal flute pupil into consideration. These works show that Quantz was able to blend the wide palette of impressions gained from his teachers and his extensive travels to Italy, France and England to form a highly individual style. Performances of works by Quantz in contemporary musical practice have a particular significance as it is possible to adhere to the preserved authentic performance instructions and technical indications originating from the composer himself to a greater extent than with the majority of eighteenth century composers. What is more, the tonal quality and functionality of the transverse flutes manufactured by Quantz also display an impression of his tonal ideal: all aspects which can communicate far more than would be possible to convey in words.

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  • Catalog Number: ACT24258

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  • Label: Accent

  • Composer: Johann Joachim Quantz

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Les Buffardins

  • Performer: Frank Theuns