D'indy, Bruch: Works For Clarinet, Cello & Piano

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The Bruch pieces are some of the best fake Brahms you?ll ever hear and afford similar satisfactions. Never less than engaging, they?re a lyric cornucopia pouring forth a gamut from wistful and elegiac through the impassioned and dramatic to the frolicsome and blithe, yet always rife with an elusive nostalgia?the Brahmsian mood par excellence . D?Indy?s Trio dates from 1887, the year after the evergreen Symphonie cévenole , and is rife with a like shake of charm and zest. Neither has lacked for fine performances?currently available, the Montagnana Trio (Facet 8003) realizes the Bruch with more Schwung , while the Amici Ensemble?s cloying ham-handedness doesn?t approach the incandescence of the West/Drinkall/Baker go at the d?Indy (which should be written into the Classical Hall of Fame, Klavier KCD-11088, Fanfare 22:1). Still, there?s no denying that the present offering gives pleasure and, if the coupling is something you?re looking for, this issue will not disappoint. Sound is close in a spacious aural frame with a good balance of instruments. Vin ordinaire , but recommendable.

FANFARE: Adrian Corleonis

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  • Catalog Number: 8557347

  • UPC: 747313234721

  • Label: Naxos

  • Composer: Max Bruch, Vincent D'Indy

  • Performer: David Hetherington, Joaquin Valdepeñas, Patricia Parr