Donatoni: Abyss / Angius, Caroli, Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto

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Abyss and Enigma (For an achaeologist of contemporary music) The compositions on this release belong to distinct periods of Franco Donatoni's production and include the most significant extremes of his catalogue. In particular, Souvenir (1968) and Orts (or Souvenir n.2, 1969) are twin works can be ascribed to the so-called negative period, while Abyss (1983) and Puppenspiel 3 (1994) are two diffrent cases, linked to a phase of renewed confidence in artisanal creativeness, as well as a deep exploration of instrumental dramaturgy. In speak of artisan quality is doubtless reductive in regard to similar extraordinarily and inventive sonorous devices. They are compositions generated by combinatory automatisms and processes of syntactic proliferation of interval structures, mixed and animated by a particular creative imagination. Perhaps the self-generative aspect of Donatoni's compositions has been excessively placed in the centre of his musical research and his extraordinary constructive ability as a synonym of cold indifference of access codes, faced with an idiomatic and consistent style, with unpredictable but always recognisable results. The auto-analysis of the constructive and deconstructive procedures, which can be found in important writings like Questo, Antecedente X or Il sigaro di Armando, is one of the elements that are intertwined whit Donatoni's methodical rigour and his work as an artist, both personal and ineffabile.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: STR37075

  • UPC: 8011570370754

  • Label: Stradivarius

  • Composer: Franco Donatoni

  • Conductor: Marco Angius

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto

  • Performer: Katarzyna Orczyk, Mario Caroli