Dones & Taralli: Requiem in Memoriam / Ohbayashi, Spadarotto, Mezzaro, Fabbian, Orchestra d'Archi Italiana

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The artistic event “La Grande Guerra – Requiem in memoriam” (The Great War - Requiem in memoriam) is a mark of profound gratitude and deeply-felt remembrance, created in order to keep alive among all of us today the memory of those who gave up their precious lives on the battlefields between 1914 and 1918. A multitude of young people from both sides, sacrificed on the great altars of homeland and fraternity; a warning for today’s generations and an appeal to life through the vehicle of music, whose ability to touch the sublime opens the door to the infinite and to the essence, reaffirming the longing for peace and hope that we carry with us in our hearts. A unique event, a unique situation, honored by the presence of the major institutional authorities. Hence the idea of a new work that engages with the past using today’s forms of artistic expression, entrusted to two internationally-recognized musicians – Maurizio Dones and Marco Taralli. The result is a fascinating and radiant requiem that appeals on first hearing even to the musical neophyte, being captivating for the performer and easy upon the ear despite its virtuoso touches and rough edges.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: March 04, 2022

  • Catalog Number: TC950006

  • UPC: 8007194107630

  • Label: Tactus

  • Period: 21st Century

  • Composer: Maurizio Dones

  • Conductor: Silvia Fabbian

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Italian String Orchestra

  • Performer: Marco Taralli