Early Romantic Horn Sonatas

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In the early romantic period, struggles with absolutism's collapse led people to find new solutions in communal life. Another vision of society emerged, shaped by artists who viewed a higher world order in nature through synthesis of all the arts, to be felt by the individual, ushering in new freedom of stylistic decisions, especially in music. The virtuosic sonatas for natural horn and fortepiano by Danzi, Ries und Nikolaus von Krufft offer stunning horn and piano dialogues. They explore the full range of timbres, flamboyantly surpassing classical structures in search of new modes of expression.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: 2L-113-SABD

  • UPC: 7041888520320

  • Label: 2L

  • Composer: Ferdinand Ries, Franz Danzi, Nikolaus Von Krufft

  • Performer: Kristin Fossheim, Steinar Granmo Nilsen