Ella Kiang Sings Opera Arias / Mori, Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra

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Tadashi Mori, the Musical Director of the Nagoya Philharmonic at the time of making this recording, was previously Chief Conductor of the Tokyo Municipal Orchestra, the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra and the Fujiwara and Niki-Kai opera companies. He taught at the famous Toho School of Music in Tokyo, an institution that has produced conductors such as Seiji Ozawa, Kazuyoshi Akiyama and Hiroyuki Iwaki. Mori held the position of Music Director and Permanent Conductor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra from 1967 to 1972, and Permanent Conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra from 1979 to 1987 before he passed away. The Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra is recognised as the leading orchestra in the Tokai region, the central part of Japan. In April 2013, British conductor Martyn Brabbins was appointed Chief Conductor. Musicians from the City of Nagoya and the surrounding area founded the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra in July 1966. The first subscription concert delighted the audience in October of 1967. Subsequently, the Orchestra received an endowment from the City of Nagoya in 1973. Over the years, the Orchestra expanded its repertoire and improved the quality of its performances under the batons of various music directors and chief conductors, namely Hiroyuki Iwaki (Music Director, 1971-73), Yoshikazu Fukumura (Chief Conductor, 1971-74), Tadashi Mori (Music Director, 1974- 80), Shunji Aratani (Chief Conductor, 1974-80), Yuzo Toyama (Music Director & Chief Conductor, 1981-87), Moshe Atzmon (Chief Conductor, 1987-93), Taijiro Iimori (Chief Conductor, 1993-98), Ken’ichiro Kobayashi (Music Director, 1998-2003), Ryusuke Numajiri (Chief Conductor, 2003-06) and Thierry Fischer (Chief Conductor, 2008-11).

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