Gilardino: Guitar Music Inspired by Spain / Rugolo

Gilardino: Guitar Music Inspired by Spain / Rugolo

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Angelo Gilardino (born 1941) is one of the most important guitar composers of the last half century. His unique style is a blend of the old and new, folk art and contemporary music, from Mozart to Messiaen, all his works are illuminated by a warm and Mediterranean glow, a feeling of humanity and love for life. This new recording brings together Gilardino’s works inspired by Spain: the important and substantial Sonata Guadalquivir, a selection from the Transcendental Studies, and the touching Colloqio con Andrés Segovia. The musical and historical roots of this beautiful music are deep in Spain and its culture, delving from the profound heart of the guitar sound: obscure and at the same time crystalline, penetrating and elusive, from the innermost of Man’s soul. Played with affection and dedication by Antonio Rugolo, a winner of several international guitar competitions. He recorded 5 solo albums and recorded for Brilliant Classics guitar duos by Lhoyer.

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