Hommage / Mariano Garcia, Takahiro Mita, AniMa Duo

Hommage / Mariano Garcia, Takahiro Mita, AniMa Duo

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This album emerged from the idea of focusing attention on a new saxophone and piano repertoire, which, although fully contemporary and modern, has an inspiration and aesthetic side based on chamber music tradition. Aspects such as the pure sonority, the liking for color and details, the interaction of these instruments and communication through a linear language sustained by melody and rhythm, make of these works “new classics” of the repertoire. This project includes mostly first world recordings, and therefore leads to the opening of a performing path that will surely be long and varied, and may offer many and diverse approaches in the future. After all, a recording is just a photograph of an instant. The attempt to capture the volatile essence of a physically ephemeral but spiritually everlasting art. Music, like the one included in this album, like life, diverse and variable. Thus this work which is flexible, eclectic... alive.

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