Hymns of Kassianí / Lingas, Cappella Romana

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Discover the world’s earliest music by a female composer: 9th-century nun, poet, and hymnographer Kassianí (Kassía). The same men and women of Cappella Romana who brought you the “Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia” bestseller (43 weeks on Billboard), now sing the earliest music we have by a female composer, including long-suppressed hymns recorded here for the first time. They close with two medieval versions of her beloved hymn for Orthodox Holy Week. Cappella Romana is the world’s leading ensemble in the field of medieval Byzantine chant. Building on its extensive catalogue of this repertoire, Hymns of Kassianí is its 25th release. This is the first of a planned series to record all of Kassianí’s surviving works.




1. Lamplighting Psalms, Mode 2 (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 05:32
2. Stichera Prosomoia of Christmas (1st set) (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 10:11
3. Stichera Prosomoia of Christmas (2nd Set) (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 06:53
4. When Augustus Reigned (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 04:51
5. Idiomelon from Great Vespers (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 03:17
6. Tetraódion (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 05:38
7. Idiomelon from Matins (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 03:06
8. Tetraódion (Odes 4 and 5) (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 06:04
9. On Great and Holy Wednesday at Matins, "Lord, the woman found in many sins" (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir) 08:07
10. Kálophonic stícheron, "Lord, The Woman Found in Many Sins" (arr. I. Arvanitis for choir)




Cappella Romana is transforming the dry, brittle pages of ancient Byzantine scores into living musical lyricism with a broad international appeal. Their latest album provides a stunning entrée to the work of Kassianí. This album provides a new tool not only for self-examination but for indulgence in the rich sensual heritage of Byzantine singing. Kassianí’s songs demand to be heard, and we are enriched by listening to them, especially in this authentic and deeply expressive collection.


– ConcertoNet (Linda Holt)


The performances transport the listener back in time to experience this music in stunning sound. Notes and additional information in the accompanying booklet help further bring Kassiani’s music to life by the premiere ensemble performing these ancient Byzantine music. More music from the woman canonized as Kassiani the Hymnographer is forthcoming this year. Highly Recommended!


– Cinemusical (Steven A. Kennedy)

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