Idil Biret: LP Originals Edition 1959-1986 [14-CD Set]

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“We are in the presence of one of the greatest virtuosos of our time. I do not see in her generation any other pianist who...
“We are in the presence of one of the greatest virtuosos of our time. I do not see in her generation any other pianist who possesses an equal mastery of the keyboard, in the service of such a mature mind so rich in imagination.”
— Marc Pincherle Nouvelles Litteraires, France 1959

“No doubt remained as soon as the piano began to reverberate: on the stage was a first class musician and a maestro. A complete freedom went hand in hand with Idil Biret’s interpretations. One has the feeling that she plays as easily as she breathes. With an extraordinary plasticity, she moulds each musical phrase like wax with her fingers. But, the freedom in Miss Biret’s interpretation is not accidental. Her attitude towards the works she is playing is the result of meditation. The art of Idil Biret gives joy and emotion.”

“All the works [on this LP] require a pianist of true class, because each of them presents challenges demanding something quite different from traditional technique. It has to be said that the young Idil Biret exceeds all expectations. This Turkish artist appeared in Brussels (1959) at the tender age of eighteen. Her virtuosity is astonishing, encompassing clarity, rhythmical rigour, precision and strength or delicacy, as required. She can play at great speed and maintain runs of impeccable luminosity. Her flexible touch conjures a thousand surprising effects; some notes and chords explode like whip-cracks, while others caress the keys, and there is an extraordinary purity to her polyphonic playing. In the hands of an artist of such superior qualities, the very particular characteristics of both Bartók’s and Prokofiev’s piano writing are brought out to the full. Taking into account her passionate vitality and lively musical intelligence as well, I believe her talent offers more than enough to be met not simply with satisfaction but with genuine enthusiasm.”
– Jacques Stehman, LA REVUE DES DISQUES (Belgium) 1962

“This is the most successful direct-to-disc piano recording I have heard. Having an artist as sensitive and accomplished as Idil Biret at the keyboard is an enormous help. Her fluency seems limitless and her ability to control, even at the softest dynamics, is all too rare these days…Hers is a bona fide virtuoso rendition.”

Product Description:

  • Release Date: September 24, 2013

  • UPC: 730099140249

  • Catalog Number: 8501402

  • Label: Idil Biret Archive

  • Number of Discs: 14

  • Composer: Alban Berg, Alexander Scriabin, André Boucourechliev, Anton Webern, Béla Bartók, César Franck, Franz Liszt, Frédéric Chopin, Gustav Mahler, Igor Stravinsky, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Johannes Brahms, Leo Brouwer, Ludwig van Beethoven, Maurice Ravel, Niccolò Castiglioni, Nikolay Myaskovsky, Pierre Boulez, Robert Schumann, Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Rachmaninov

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: London String Quartet

  • Performer: Idil Biret