Resanovic, Steven, Hogberg et al.: Into the Green / Ferreira

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On INTO THE GREEN, clarinetist Wesley Ferreira takes listeners on an aural journey through a world of musical possibilities where digital and analog become one. Works for solo clarinet place it in the midst of sprawling electronic soundscapes, providing ethereal backdrops for its earthy timbre. With technical flair and blistering speeds, Ferreira perfectly blends the instrument with industrial beats, atmospheric arpeggios, and reverberating effects, creating a seamless juxtaposition of computer-based composition and classical, folk, and world music. In doing so, Ferreira and the composers create a sense of old meeting the new, where the lushness and abundance of nature live in harmony with the exciting possibilities of technology.

Product Description:

  • Release Date: April 22, 2022

  • Catalog Number: RR8067

  • UPC: 808857131157

  • Label: Ravello

  • Number of Discs: 1

  • Period: 21st Century

  • Performer: Wesley Ferreira


  1. Into the Green

    Composer: Alexey Goroholinsky

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira

  2. Sapphire Song

    Composer: Donald Steven

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira

  3. Alt.Music.Ballistix

    Composer: Nikola Resanovic

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira

  4. Thracian Sketches

    Composer: Derek Bermel

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira

  5. Lightshadow-Trembling

    Composer: Gergely Vajda

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira

  6. Invisible Duet

    Composer: Fredrik Hogberg

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira

  7. Carnyx

    Composer: Şerban Nichifor

    Performer: Wesley Ferreira