James Dillon: Philomela / Jurjen Hempel, Anu Komsi, Susan Narucki, Remix Ensemble

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Philomela, by British composer James Dillon, inspired by Ovid and Sophocles, is his first scenic work. Whether opera or musical theatre, his score gives us an original and intense reading of the Princess of Athens' tragedy. Philomela is a visionary work. While being within the history of music, it invents its forms, its time, its own aesthetic sphere. It is probably for that reason that James Dillon qualifies it: music/théâtre (note the first term in English, the second in French, that authenticates the paternity of this history) so that it does not belong to the history of opera (too long) neither to modern musical theatre (too short). James Dillon imagines a space between Baroque and Noh theatre, a space we can perceive, we can seize immediately, as we contemplate this production. The writing in itself is a kind of metaphor of the myth! It's a cut tongue. For this recording, the best interpreters of our times have been selected. This is one of the major contemporary lyrical successes of the last decade, both innovating and thoroughly gripping.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: AECD0986

  • UPC: 3760058369869

  • Label: Aeon

  • Composer: James Dillon

  • Conductor: Jurjen Hempel

  • Orchestra/Ensemble: Remix Ensemble

  • Performer: Anu Komsi, Josquin Harrison, Lionel Peintre, Luisa Barriga, Ricardo Castillo, Susan Narucki