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Senge: V91: Jazzthing Next Generation / Lariza

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The Cologne quintet Lariza around the singer Lena-Larissa Senge, who also plays the synthesizer, creates a world of its own from acoustic and electronic sounds on its debut album “Weave”. Almost all of the ten songs that can be heard here are from Senge's pen, and she uses unusual structures to compose. She founded the band six years ago during her studies in Osnabrück. “My original idea was actually to form a band where piano and guitar come together, supplemented by drums and bass,” she said, “and I absolutely wanted to have a saxophone in the band because I really like this warm sound. At that time, I was strongly inspired by Brazilian music, in which the combination of piano and guitar is very common. Over the years, the band has changed a lot and our sound has become more and more electronic. Meanwhile, there is no longer a piano, but instead a synthesizer. Our drummer also plays e-drums, and our saxophonist uses an Electronic Wind Instrument, EWI for short. We just want to have as much leeway as possible on our instruments and create many different, multi-faceted sound levels.”

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  • Release Date: February 18, 2022

  • Catalog Number: DMCHR71403

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  • Label: Double Moon Records

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