La Famille Couperin / Luigi Chiarizia

La Famille Couperin / Luigi Chiarizia

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To the Couperin dynasty we owe the success of music for harpsichord. The figure of Louis languished in obscurity over many years and only recently, through musicological research, it has been possible to recognize his genius. The story differs with François the Great, the leading member of the dynasty, whose compositional style revolves around his own sentence: “I confess that I far prefer what moves me to what surprises me.” Luigi Chiarizia is a harpsichordist, organist and composer. Born from generations of artists, he began studying music at the age of six, studying first with the masters Rendine, Nenna, Herrera, and Carnini, later with Mencoboni, Suzzani and Pappagallo. He graduated with honors in organ and organ composition in Pescara.

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