La rosa e la dea / Caravella, Il Cantiere delle Muse

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A treaty...written evidence..not enough to provice us a truth - whereas a paiting or an architecture can express much more because they are the materialization of the soul and life itself of the man that has created them. The senses are directly involved with the work and even more in the musical language, the sound gets deeper with such a power that is capable of destroying as well as rebuilding the body and soul. Therefore to perform today, music that does not belong to the current time, is like living and transmitting to the listener what the interior "eye" feels - looking at a music score like it was a black and white drawing and attempting to create a colorful painting. To achieve this was not enough to make usr etheoreticaly indication or alleged philologically correct reconstruction, instead it's creating musical images full of life that would reflect a way of "feeling" the baroque era.

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