Liquid Circle

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Initially formed from the Hans Anselm Quintet with the wish to expand the interpretation of its music, the Hans Anselm Big Band now looks back on performances in numerous German cities, a studio and a live album as well as an appearance in RBBs Kulturradio (culture radio) and has as of this year been supported by Berlins Senate Administration for Culture and Europe. To use the body of a big band in all its variety to create a sound that is new and unique, that breaks away from traditional listening habits to stand for itself that is the vision this ensemble realizes time and again. Delicate spheres, quirky grooves, wind instruments in all their colors, electronic effects and elements combine in a music that looks to transport the listener into a new world. The tunes of composers Anna Wohlfarth and Benedikt Schnitzler explore the entire spectrum of musical expression, sometimes loud and intense, sometimes quiet, tender, almost fragile. The musicians try to musically depict emotions in all their complexity and collectively tell a story that merges fixed and spontaneous elements into a truly unique sound.

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