Little Me / Original Broadway Cast

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Music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Carolyn Leigh.

Principal cast includes: Sid Caesar, Virginia Martin, Nancy Andrews, Mickey Deems, Swen Swenson, Peter Turgeon, Joey Faye, and Mort Marshall.

Sid Caesar played seven different roles in this episodic comedy, which was well reviewed and is fondly remembered, although it wasn't much of a hit at the time despite stars like Sid Caesar, Neil Simon's script or Bob Fosse's dancing. Adapted from the book by Patrick Dennis (Auntie Mame), with a book by Neil Simon and a score by Carolyn Leigh and Cy Coleman, the show was more clever than inventive.

Virginia Martin gives 110-percent to her parts of the score however, and "The Other Side of the Tracks" is memorable for her seemingly boundless energy as she belts it out. And "I Love You" comically sung by Sid Caesar includes some end-of-line vamps that brighten the proceedings, as they seem to be having some good-natured fun at the expense of "Try to Remember," the biggest hit to come out of the then new off-Broadway phenomenon The Fantasticks; additionally, "Deep Down Inside" and "Be a Performer" both have enjoyable ensemble performances. And, of course, "Real Live Girl" and "I've Got Your Number" have had significant lives outside the show.

Apart from that contribution to popular culture, the show's most enduring legacy, at least to some baby boomers, may have echoed through the presence in the cast of Joey Faye and Mickey Deems -- it was around this same time that the two comics, who had known each other for about 20 years, were teamed together in the syndicated Trans-Lux-produced series Mack & Myer for Hire, endearing them to a generation of viewers too young to know Cy Coleman or Sid Caesar, never mind Patrick Dennis.

1 Overture Coleman, Leigh 2:21
2 The Truth Coleman, Leigh 2:16
3 The Other Side of the Tracks Coleman, Leigh 1:30
4 I Love You Coleman, Leigh 1:41
5 The Other Side of the Tracks Coleman, Leigh 1:30
6 Deep Down Inside Coleman, Leigh 5:04
7 Be a Performer! Coleman, Leigh 2:02
8 Dimples Coleman, Leigh 1:38
9 Boom Boom Coleman, Leigh 2:10
10 I've Got Your Number Coleman, Leigh 2:52
11 Real Live Girl Coleman, Leigh 1:06
12 Real Live Girl Coleman, Leigh 3:49
13 Poor Little Hollywood Star Coleman, Leigh 2:52
14 Little Me Coleman, Leigh 2:51
15 Goodbye (The Prince's Farewell) Coleman, Leigh 3:15
16 Here's to Us Coleman, Leigh 2:41

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  • Composer: Cy Coleman

  • Performer: Joey Faye, Mickey Deems, Mort Marshall, Nancy Andrews, Peter Turgeon, Sid Caesar, Swen Swenson, Virginia Martin