Messiaen: Entre Plumes Et Lumieres / Marfin

Messiaen: Entre Plumes Et Lumieres / Marfin

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The young pianist Cassandre Marfin, tackles two of the themes that have made Olivier Messiaen's writing, a unique musical act. These two themes: nature and religious belief, appear complementary; religion as the search for theological truth, as well as the presentation of the purest love, and the character of the bird, because it is the expression of the divine presence in nature, in it's cleanest form. The discovery of his music is a real coup de coeur. Very quickly, I naturally felt the need to deepen my research around the composer. Modern and contemporary, his work is of an infinite richness and I feel an immense pleasure to interpret it although many stereotyped opinions around this music are quite striking. "The presentation of the material that the composer makes available to the interpreter (text, inspirations...) seems to me essential to the staging of the works" writes Cassandre Marfin, "they thus become more accessible to the listener who takes pleasure in receiving and discovering the originality and beauty of this music".

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