Móricz: Légy jó mindhalálig / Alföldi

Móricz: Légy jó mindhalálig / Alföldi

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Zsigmond Moricz is one of Hungary’s greatest modern novelists. Be Faithful Unto Death is the moving story of a precocious schoolboy who is growing up in a boarding school in the city of Debrecen. When he is falsely accused of stealing a winning lottery ticket, he undergoes and grows from a series of torments. First published in 1921, the novel is full of impeccable writing and vivid detail. It is this writing that creates a feeling of universal experience in this story, which has been widely read and studied even outside of Hungary. On this release, the original translation is heard in audiobook form, read by Mari Jaszai Award-winning actor and director Alfoldi Robert.

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