Musique De Nuit - Fauré, Pierné, Satie, Koechlin / Lencsés

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It is evening and Tityre, a herdsman, is lying under a tree playing his shawm. This episode from Virgil's "Bucolics" is the beginning of "Night Music", a series of French miniatures of pastoral character, inspired by night, dream and mysticism. All the pieces were composed around 1900 during the "Belle Epoque", at the same time when Henri Rousseau painted the picture on the cover of this CD. But while Faure's music is well known, the works of Koechlin, Satie and Pierne are likely to be rarities. It is hoped that the music on this record will be an inspiration for tranquillity, contemplation and meditation to the listeners.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: AUD97409

  • UPC: 400949740928

  • Label: Audite

  • Composer: Charles Koechlin, Erik Satie, Gabriel Fauré, Gabriel Pierné

  • Performer: Giselle Herbert, Lajos Lencsés