New Paths: 21st Century music for horn & piano / Gomez-Moran, Bonet

New Paths: 21st Century music for horn & piano / Gomez-Moran, Bonet

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In Cantus Horn, the language used is made up of octophone modes made of various structures, which are filtered by the compositional system proposed by Edmond Costere. Introducció i Galop, Op. 148 is an eminently virtuosic composition for the horn player, but also full of interesting dialogues with the pianist; the Introducció is slow, based on a dodecaphonic melody from the start and Galop is fast and virtuosistic. Tientos de la trompa alada (Tientos of the Winged Horn) is inspired by the next to the last verse of the poem by Góngora A Don Francisco de Padilla, castellano de Milán, where there appears a winged horn. Mar sin Luna, In memoriam Javier Bonet Silvestre, this piece, composed as a tribute to Javier Bonet Silvestre, speaks about the tragic theme of suicide. Juegos sobre ‘Tocatico-tocatá’, Games on “Tocatico-tocatá”. Homage to Carles Santos was born. It is a brief chamber work, in which song-like elements of Carles Santos’ work come into play, joined to other suitable ones that are melodic, harmonic and polyphonic. Elegía ponders a narrative that expresses in a cyclical form contrasting thematic sounds and sketches that represent antagonistic situations and states of mind. Consolación is a single movement piece which alternates highly contrasting sections that show the multiple resources that this ensemble can afford. These go from lyrical to energetic, going through rhythmical and scherzando episodes. A piece of great difficulty, in accordance with the technical capabilities of the intended performers.

Product Description:

  • Catalog Number: IBS-122021

  • UPC: 8436597700139

  • Label: IBS Classical

  • Composer: Cesar Cano, Francisco Zacarés Fort, José Luis Turina, Juan J. Colomer, Miguel Ángel Tallante, Miguel Bustamante, Salvador Brotons

  • Performer: Javier Bonet, Miriam Gomez-Moran